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Sharon Romeo is an experienced professional who has worked at Truthdig in the United States as the COO on the Operations department. Truthdig, founded in 2005, is a company that focuses on Online Audio and Video Media, Information and Cultural Products, and Internet Publishing. Sharon has held this position for several years, contributing to the success of the company. With her expertise and leadership skills, she has played a crucial role in the success of Truthdig. .Read More

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Truthdig is an award-winning news and opinion website that provides daily, in-depth coverage of current affairs and provocative, insightful content presented from a progressive point of view. Truthdig seeks to challenge conventional wisdom by “drilling beneath the headlines” and to create a model for serious journalism on the Internet that helps fill the void left by the decline of traditional journalism. Truthdig's editors and writers take up this mission every day by offering a wide range of material including extensive, original “digs;” incisive columns; blog items; news briefs; videos and political cartoons by some of the most influential thinkers, writers and artists of our time. There have always been, and will always be, people digging for the truth rather than simply accepting the conventional wisdom of the day. It is these people we hope to reach on Truthdig as we continue following stories wherever they lead us. .Read More

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