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Shelby Stephens is an experienced professional with 18.2 years of work experience in various fields such as user interface design, strategic communications, program management, strategy, and social media. Based in Austin, Texas, Shelby is passionate about helping tech startup founders and individuals build an independent career. With 15 years of experience as a repeat startup founder and angel investor, Shelby emphasizes the importance of building a solid foundation rooted in customer needs. Shelby believes in assembling a strong early team and creating, which offers expertise and experience to startups, especially first-time founders. She believes in creating unique rules that support meaningful livelihoods. .Read More

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I love to help people build businesses. In particular, two types: tech startup founders, and individuals who want to build an independent career. When it comes to helping tech startup founders, I draw from 15 years of experience as a repeat startup founder (B2B, B2C and marketplaces) angel investor and mentor. I especially love helping founders at the earliest stages of their journey, and I emphasize the importance of building a solid foundation rooted in a deep, validated understanding of customer needs. I believe assembling a strong early team is critical for every founder, and I created because I know that adding fractional specialists to an early team is a powerful way to get expertise and experience that is otherwise virtually impossible for startups, especially first-time founders, to recruit. When it comes to helping individuals build an independent career, I draw on my experience building products that over 50,000 consultants, freelancers and independent workers have used to showcase their expertise, find clients and grow their own businesses. I believe each of us has a unique set of skills and experiences that, with the right structure and nurturing, can support a meaningful and purposeful livelihood. I believe true freedom means creating your own rules. In work, in life, where are you playing games with rules that were designed by others? Which rules were designed by people who don’t share your values? How can you create new rules that support the way you want to approach life? .Read More

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Last year I worked with the best sales coach ever, Michael Manzi , and one thing he did was both really annoying and really helpful: Every week, we'd go through deals and he'd just ask over and over, "Why can't they sign up today?" This is super impactful for a few reasons: First, on the deal-by-deal level, it helps you clearly articulate what's slowing a deal down. Second, over time, it trains you to actually ask the right questions to figure out what the roadblock is, which in turn empowers you to help the prospect. So... we created a required dependent field for all AE pipeline deals in HubSpot that forces us to input the reason why the prospect can't sign up today. Any time a deal moves stages, this field is required, so we can update the field at each stage (since the reason will change from stage to stage) Then, we created some dashboard reports we lovingly titled "The Manzi Method" that shows us all these reasons so we can quickly review them. I can see us ultimately moving from free text to structured fields for this (once we know the range of options we should allow), which opens up better tracking at scale. Is it a replacement for Mike? Certainly not. Is it a great way to better manage the pipeline? You tell me what you think. .Read More
March 06 2024
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We turn a 1-hour recorded interview into an entire month's worth of short videos & social posts - editing, posting and analytics all done for you .Read More

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