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Taylor Narváez Claman

Taylor Narvaez Claman is an experienced professional who has worked at WEBTOON in Los Angeles, California. She has been the author of "Dawn of Maw" and the founder of Arlorosa Films. With a background in general management, Taylor has also worked as a writer, director, and producer. WEBTOON, founded in 2014, is an entertainment provider with a staff of 501-1000. .Read More

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Here is a beautiful background featured in the newest episode of Dawn of Maw! Catch up on the series here— https://lnkd.in/e58FM-mq Art by Sabrina Claman Story by Taylor Narváez Claman Produced by Arlorosa Films Only on WEBTOON Canvas #art #webcomic #webtoon .Read More
May 25 2023
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WEBTOON - Present
WEBTOON® is the world's largest digital comics platform, home to some of the biggest artists, IP, and fandoms in comics. As the global leader and pioneer of the mobile webcomic format, WEBTOON has revolutionized the comics industry for comic fans and creators. Today, a diverse new generation of international comic artists have found a home on WEBTOON, where the company’s storytelling technology allows anyone to become a creator and build a global audience for their stories. With a massive catalog of incredible digital comics from rising stars on WEBTOON CANVAS platform, and a growing roster of superstar WEBTOON Originals creators, there’s something for every type of comic fan on WEBTOON. With an average of 89+ million monthly active users, and WEBTOON adaptations on Netflix, HBO Max, and other screens around the world, WEBTOON’s passionate fandoms are the new face of pop culture. The company has worked with DC Comics, Marvel Entertainment, HYBE, and many more of the world’s biggest entertainment brands. WEBTOON is owned by South Korea’s internet conglomerate Naver. In 2021, Naver acquired webnovel app Wattpad. The move aligned WEBTOON, the world’s largest digital comics platform, with Wattpad, the world’s leading webnovel platform. Together, these storytelling technology platforms reach a combined audience of 166 million people around the world. The WEBTOON app is free to download on Android and iOS devices. .Read More

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