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Ulf Larsson MSc, MBA is a trilingual IT executive with over 40 years of experience. He has worked with major global companies in various industries, including IT, supply chain, and physics research. He has also worked for Nobel Laureate Jack Steinberger and has a strong background in enterprise architecture. Ulf has led multi-million-dollar projects and has extensive experience in change management and managing business stakeholders. He is known for his technical innovation and business/product experience. Ulf has held leadership positions in companies like CMA Systems, Dubai, UAE, and India. .Read More

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Trilingual (French, English, Swedish) IT executive; background at start-ups and Fortune 500 companies. IT experience at major world-leading companies working in Singapore, USA, France, UAE, India, Switzerland, Morocco, and Sweden across numerous industries (IT, supply chain, container terminals, telecom, physics research, exhibitions, events, and property management).Following my MSc at Chalmers, I was hired to work for Nobel Laureate (physics 1988) Jack Steinberger. Working among 10,000 scientists developing bleeding-edge technology solutions for a community of Nobel prize winners (4 colleagues received the Nobel prize in 11 years) changed and shaped my career permanently. I was part of the extended team that worked on the first web browser, written by UK computer scientist Tim Berners Lee, best known as the inventor of the World Wide Web.During the weekends, while at CERN, I worked as an international skiing instructor for 8 years.My special mentoring, coaching, IT and language skills contributed to my fast progress. Team members were from the UK, Spain, Switzerland, France, Italy, Holland, and Russia. I can navigate large, complex, multi-layered organizations, build internal networks, communicate with senior stakeholders and architects, and anchor actionable action plans. Enterprise architecture is something I have extensive experience in, aligning IT, operation, and business.Driving large-scale IT projects characterizes my corporate career. I have led several multi-million-dollar projects and have extensive experience in change management and managing business stakeholders and tech partners. I bring a mix of technical innovation and business/product experience. BOARD EXPERIENCE:Director, CMA Systems, Dubai, UAE, 2003–2018Director (in capacity as CEO), CMA CGM Systems, Kolkata, India, 2006–2010CAREER SNAPSHOTS (select):📈 Set up world-class delivery center with 350 FTEs in less than 3 years (through extensive regional recruitment), reaching CMMI L3 accreditation level while reducing costs by 30%.📈 Built start-up organization together with CEO to team of +120 employees from +20 countries📈 Established 5 start-up / captive delivery centers in UAE and India over 15 years.📈 Received “Company of the Year” award from Global Lloyd List Awards in London.BACKGROUND:▶ MBA and MSc Staff and colleagues often refer to me as a mentor, guide and inspirational leader.They say my inclusive management style motivates people to go the extra mile. Please get in touch to learn more about how I can help you and your company! .Read More

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GEFCO2019-09-01 - Present
As of April 8, 2022 CEVA Logistics has completed the acquisition of GEFCO. With our combined business, we are in our strongest position ever and we continue down a successful path to become a Top 5 global logistics player in the world. Together with a global workforce of more than 110,000 people across 1,300 sites and more than 160 countries, our global network of experts push back boundaries and respond with agility to the most demanding supply chain challenges .Read More

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