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Vasant Shetty

Vasant Shetty

Vasant Shetty is a logistics professional with over 21 years of experience in the shipping, multimodal transportation, and freight logistics industry. He has expertise in key account development and senior management, with a focus on change management and problem resolution. Vasant has extensive experience in the transport industry, including international haul, freight management, warehouse management, and domestic distribution. He is skilled in developing and managing 3PL and Agency Networking, as well as trade lanes, markets, niche markets, and client segmentation. Vasant is known for his strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, and strong analytical and problem-solving skills. .Read More

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Logistics professional with high-level of commercial and strategic business skills, in shipping, multimodal transportation and freight logistics industry, with hands on experience in Key Account Development & Senior management level offering expert level skills in change management and problem resolution. • Significant commercial & contractual experience in Transport industry sales & services development namely (Air, Sea, Sea-Air & Surface Transportation). • Expert level experience in providing services involving (International haul, Freight Management, Warehouse Management & Domestic Distribution). • Strong skills in development & management of 3PL & Agency Networking. • Active in development of trade lanes, markets, niche markets & client segmentation. • Experience in large, multi-client logistics account handling with high volume business. • Ability to analyze financials. (MIS, Balance Sheets, Trial Balance, Fund Flow & P&L) • Strategic thinking ability and result-oriented success in a fast-paced environment. • Superior written & oral communication and interpersonal skills. • Budget expense and maximize revenue streams. • Solid analytical and problem solving skills. .Read More

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