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Vito Rizki Imanda
Vito Rizki Imanda is a passionate front-end engineer with 6.9 years of experience. He is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. Vito is passionate about Javascript and React/React Native, and he is skilled in user-friendly and problem-solving-oriented products. He also has experience with Android/ios native development and other Javascript frameworks. Vito has worked as a Software Design Engineer at, a Facilitator at G2Academy, and a Tokopedia Devcamp at Tokopedia. He has also worked as a Mobile Software Engineer Jr. and a Co-Founder at Yayasan Wonder Koding Teknologi Indonesia .Read More

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Passionate Front-end engineer. In love with Javascript and React/React Native. User-friendly and problem-solving-oriented product is the goal. Also experienced with android/ios native development and other javascript frameworks such as vue.js, svelte, next.js. .Read More

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