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Viviane Oliveira
Viviane Oliveira is a highly experienced HR professional with over 21 years of work experience. She has a strong background in operating systems, HR consulting, talent management, and organizational development. Viviane has worked in various roles, including as a Human Resources Manager at Mercantil Nova Era and DHL, where she focused on coordinating HR resources. She also has experience in the hospitality industry, having worked at Cushman & Wakefield and Mercantil Nova Era. Viviane is based in Manaus, Brazil and has a proven track record in driving HR success. .Read More

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Mercantil Nova Era
Mercantil Nova Era2011-06-01 - Present
A Mercantil Nova Era (MNE), ocupa o 15 º lugar no Ranking das distribuidoras do Brasil, distribuindo produtos básicos na região norte do país. Nossos produtos alcançam mais de 6.000 clientes. .Read More

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