Youssef Monkachi

Youssef Monkachi

Youssef Monkachi is an International Edi Business Analyst and Project Manager with 14.9 years of experience. He has a strong skill set in edi, xml, edifact, sql, idoc, integration, java, e-business, e-commerce, ebimap, x12, saas, microsoft sql server, javascript, oracle, unix, windows, linux, ediwin, ftp, project management, c#, uml, itil, leadership of teams, and organizational change. He is based in Valencia, Spain. Youssef has worked at ED .Read More

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International Edi Business Analyst and Project Manager .Read More

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EDICOM2008-12-01 - Present
We believe that the true driving force of the company are its people. A powerful team of professionals, growing day by day with the company's international expansion. In our company, who we are, is necessarily linked to what we do. We are a group of highly qualified professionals tackling complex international B2B2G projects. For this reason, we have become an international leader in the development of EDI (electronic data interchange) and electronic invoicing software adapted to each client company’s technical, legal and tax needs in any part of the world. We are also certified by the spanish Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda as Qualified Trust Service Provider in accordance with EU Regulation 910/2014, known as eIDAS. Thanks to certification by the qualified preservation service for qualified electronic seals, EDICOM has the capacity to preserve the legal conditions of documents and files archived with assurances of authenticity and integrity over time. EDICOM is the first company certified by the Ministry of Energy, Tourism and Digital Agenda to offer a long-term electronic archiving service under the eIDAS certification for the entire European Union. EDICOM markets and provides services in ASP-SaaS (Application Service Provider) mode, a model that enables businesses to outsource the complex and costly technological and human resources needed to roll out and manage an EDI solution. This business model is enabled from the EDICOM B2B Cloud Platform, a powerful technological infrastructure with its own developed software, permanently upgraded hardware and customized communication systems and management services. With headquarters in Valencia and a physical presence in major financial centres around the world such as Paris, Milan, New York, Mexico D.F., Sao Paulo, Bogotá and Buenos Aires, EDICOM is the official EDI provider for more than 14,000 businesses worldwide. But always with a value that characterizes us and makes us different, our people. .Read More

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