Zach Todd

College Grove, Tennessee, United States
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On The Avenue Foundation Of Tennessee

Georgia State University


Zach Todd

College Grove, Tennessee, United States
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On The Avenue Foundation Of Tennessee

Georgia State University



"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." This quote, attributed to Peter Drucker, is one of the most important things I have learned in my career. I am a seasoned business executive with 15+ years of high-growth strategy and performance expertise in a diverse range of sectors including logistics, product development, financial technology, software, real estate and non-profit. Recognized for demonstrating a natural aptitude for improving process efficiency and success, as well as for creating high quality, collaborative teams and strengthening client relationships, I have a verifiable history of contributing directly to company and team growth and alignment throughout my career. Professional focal points include Culture and Goal Alignment, Strategic Planning, Team Leadership and Development. Delivering superior administration on the latter areas of expertise requires utilization of effective communication skills, negotiation skills, organizational skills as well as business acumen, systems analysis, project management, strategic planning, resource management and empathy to support teams and their goals. Most recently, I was the General Manager and Chief Strategy Officer with Global Product Sources. Under my leadership, I devised and implemented strategies and execution plans tailored to each business unit, including business and product development, financial performance, operational efficiency and work-flow processes and procedures. I also successfully translated strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth, helping to implement organization-wide goal setting utilizing the OKR framework, as well as vertical and horizontal team alignment, performance management, and annual operations planning. In addition, I liaise with senior leadership, stakeholders, and employees to ensure the company’s overall growth support structure is driving the business forward with minimal expenditures.Colleagues describe me as an empathic leader, driven, down-to-earth, detail oriented and managerial expert who can be relied on to offer superior solutions that deliver tangible results on time and under budget while putting the mission, vision and values of the organization and its team first. I am pursuing new opportunities and can be reached through this profile.

Zach Todd In Short

Zach Todd is a seasoned business executive with over 20 years of experience in various sectors including logistics, product development, financial technology, software, real estate, and non-profit. He is known for his ability to improve process efficiency, create high-quality teams, and strengthen client relationships. Zach has a proven track record of contributing to company and team growth and alignment throughout his career. He has held leadership positions such as General Manager and Chief Strategy Officer, and has a strong focus on culture and goal alignment, strategic planning, and team leadership. Zach is known for his empathy, attention to detail, and ability to deliver tangible results on time and under budget.

Zach Todd's Professional Milestones

  • Manager Product Development (2003-01-01~2005-11-01): Driving successful product launches and establishing a strong presence in the industry.
  • Director Product Development (2009-02-01~2010-12-01): Driving product development and achieving revenue goals by developing and implementing innovative solutions.
  • Director Of Technical Operations (2005-11-01~2006-12-01): Streamlined technical operations to improve efficiency and enhance overall productivity.
  • Managing Partner | Co-Founder (2015-01-01~2019-05-01): Successfully guided the company through the startup process, while successfully managing multiple startups in the coming decades.
  • General Manager (2019-10-01~2021-10-01): Transforming operations, implementing strategic initiatives to drive business expansion and increased profitability.
  • Chief Operating Officer (2013-01-01~2016-04-01): Streamlined operations to drive efficiency and reduce costs, resulting in improved overall overall performance.
  • Chief Operating Officer - Fractional (2021-12-01~2023-07-01): Implementing streamlined operations processes to optimize efficiency and maximize profitability.
  • General Manager (2019-10-01~2021-10-01): Implemented strategic initiatives to drive operational efficiency and exceed sales targets.
  • Interim Chief Technology Officer | Advisor (2014-02-01~2015-07-01): Leading strategic technology initiatives, driving operational excellence, and fostering a culture of innovation within the organization.
  • Chief Executive Officer - Fractional: Driving strategic initiatives to advance market reach and achieve revenue targets for the company.
  • Chief Technology Officer | Advisor (2014-02-01~2015-07-01): Driving technology transformation and facilitating strategic decision-making for optimal organizational efficiency.
  • Director Of Product And Operations (2005-11-01~2006-12-01): Enhanced product strategy and operational efficiency, driving maximum company profits and maximizing operational performance.
  • Managing Partner | Co-Founder (2015-01-01~2019-05-01): Founder and CEO of the company, Growing the business and driving business through strategic business development.
  • Co-Founder | Chief Operating Officer (2013-01-01~2016-04-01): Developed and implemented strategic initiatives to drive company growth and maximize profitability.

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Research Contact
Research Contact

Work Experience

Westwood Avenue, LLC

Nashville,Tennessee,United States

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Woodard Brothers Distributing

White House,Tennessee,United States

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Global Product Sources, LLC.

Nashville,Tennessee,United States

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Emerge Financial Wellness

Nashville,Tennessee,United States

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Strategic Link Consulting

Kennesaw,Georgia,United States

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TranDotCom Solutions

Kennesaw,Georgia,United States

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Lead Generation

E Commerce

Email Marketing


Start Ups

Online Marketing

Strategic Planning


Process Improvement

Product Management

Product Development


Strategic Partnerships

Financial Services

Account Management

Project Management

Customer Acquisition

Business Process Improvement

Performance Based Marketing



Affiliate Marketing



Mergers And Acquisitions

Online Lead Generation

Web Marketing


Multi Channel Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development

Change Management

Construction Management

Management Consulting

Strategic Consulting

Product Innovation


Marketing Strategy

Business Strategy


Business Development

Software As A Service

Team Building

Construction Loans

Process Consulting

It Consulting

Innovation Consulting

Start Up Consulting

Team Leadership

Customer Service

Program Management

Operations Management


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Zach Todd works for On The Avenue Foundation Of Tennessee

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Zach Todd's latest education in Georgia State University

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