Zachary Gropper

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
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Insight Revenue

James Madison University


Zachary Gropper

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain
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Insight Revenue

James Madison University



After scaling several business globally to successful acquisition as a Revenue Leader and 15 years studying the art and science of B2B sales and marketing best practice while at CEB, Gartner and Challenger, I have become an expert in bringing in repeatable practices, processes and go-to-market strategies into any size or shape of organisation in any industry. I have consulted the top leaders at organisations like MSFT, Google, Siemens, SAP, Bain & Co. And have also enjoyed putting those ideas into practice while mentoring and coaching other leaders as Chairman of the Barcelona Chapter of Pavilion.  Deep expertise in B2B sales and marketing best practices, commercial transformation, sales and marketing alignment, and building and scaling an “insight” driven go-to-market approach.  Excel at helping commercial teams and individuals build elite capability, improve the customer buying experience, cut churn, boost conversion rates and more effectively differentiate in the market.  Having lived and worked in more than 20 countries, I am extremely culturally agile and enjoy coaching and building high performance teams and inspiring work environments across different regions and cultures. Recent Notable Achievements- *Have supported several successful transactions, most recently AirDNA's sale to Alpine Capital *Played several key roles in helping grow CEB's Solutions practice from $6M to $65M in annual revenue *As Gartner´s Head of EMEA Solutions Sales increased sales 380% over 4 years *Perennial CEB Chairman's Club and President's Club Award Winner as Sales Executive and Sales Leader *Founded and Produced CEB's Annual EMEA B2B Sales and Marketing Summit scaling it to 200 senior executive attendees annually, making it one of the most prestigious events of its kind in Europe *#1 Performing Salesperson by Revenue Achievement in CEB History 2006-2013 *While at Challenger clients documented over $2B in direct returns from programs implemented *Doubled B2B growth rate at AirDNA, increasing B2B sales from $4M to $10M in ARR in 14 months *Reduced AirDNA´s B2B MRR dollar churn by 50% and Increased Strategic Account Sales 300%

Short Summary

Zachary Gropper is a highly experienced professional with 25.4 years of work experience in business development, management consulting, and strategy. He has a strong background in B2B sales and marketing, with expertise in commercial transformation, sales alignment, and go-to-market strategies. Zachary has worked with top organizations such as CEB, Gartner, and Challenger, helping them grow their business and improve their customer buying experience. He is known for his ability to build elite capability, improve customer buying experiences, and improve conversion rates. Zachary is culturally agile and enjoys coaching and building high-performance teams across different regions and cultures.

Professional Milestone

  • Associate Director (2006-10-01~2008-01-01): Streamlined operational processes and optimized team efficiency, contributing to the success of the organization.
  • Vice President International (2019-09-01~): Successfully spearheaded international expansion, driving market expansion and establishing strong strategic partnerships.
  • Managing Director International (2018-09-01~): Expanding global market reach by implementing strategic plans and fostering collaboration across international teams.
  • Account Director | Head Of Business Development | NYC Office (2000-02-01~2001-10-01): Expanding client base by executing key strategic business development initiatives.
  • Vice President Of Sales (2021-03-01~2022-05-01): Achieved record-breaking sales targets, driving revenue growth and expanding market share.
  • Chairman (2020-11-01~): Leading the company through strategic leadership and effective leadership in delivering exceptional results.
  • Executive Member (2020-07-01~): Transforming the agency into a recognized leader in innovative product and services.
  • Expert In Commercial Strategy And International Expansion (2020-04-01~2021-03-01): Implementing strategic initiatives to drive international expansion and establish the company as a top international capital.
  • Vice President International (2018-09-01~2020-04-01): Transformed the company's international operations, securing global recognition and strengthening industry relationships.
  • Publicist (1998-09-01~2000-02-01): Successfully executed publicity campaigns, exceeding client expectations and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards.
  • Interim Chief Revenue Officer (2022-10-01~2022-11-01): Driving revenue growth and maximizing marginalized revenue opportunities through strategic revenue management and strategic decision-making.
  • Chairman (2020-11-01~): Transformed business operations through strategic planning, optimizing efficiency, and elevating profitability.
  • Executive Member (2020-07-01~): Streamlined operations and increased efficiency through effective communication and strategic decision-making.
  • Managing Director | Head Of Sales EMEA (2014-01-01~2018-01-01): Driving sales growth in the EMEA territories through strategic initiatives and cost-effective solutions.
  • Founder | Chief Executive Officer (2022-10-01~): Creating a successful startup from the ground up, driving the company growth and market dominance.
  • Chairman | Group Leader EMEA (2020-11-01~): Driving strategic initiatives and fostering collaborative efforts to drive organizational success in the EMEA region.
  • Head Of International Sales | Sales And Marketing Effectiveness Solutions (2018-01-01~2018-09-01): Implementing effective sales and marketing strategies to drive revenue growth and enhance global market presence.
  • Managing Director (2013-01-01~2014-01-01): Expanding market presence through strategic partnerships and innovative marketing initiatives.
  • Senior Director (2011-01-01~2013-01-01): Driving strategic initiatives to expand market reach and generate significant revenue growth.
  • Sales Director (2008-01-01~2011-01-01): Achieved record-breaking sales targets, driving revenue growth and expanding market share.
  • Chief Executive Officer: Leading the company through strategic alliances and effective leadership, driving sustainable growth and profitability.

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Frequently asked questions

What is Zachary Gropper's email address?

We found 3 Zachary Gropper's email addresses

Which social media profiles does Zachary Gropper have?

Zachary Gropper's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does Zachary Gropper work for?

Zachary Gropper works for Insight Revenue

What is Zachary Gropper's role in Insight Revenue?

Zachary Gropper's role in Insight Revenue is Chief Executive Officer

Who are Zachary Gropper's colleagues?
Zachary Gropper's colleagues are Timur Hicyilmaz,Justin Chong,Alan Slavik
Timur Hicyilmaz,
Justin Chong,
Alan Slavik

What is Zachary Gropper's latest job experience?

Zachary Gropper's latest job experience is Chief Executive Officer at Insight Revenue

What is Zachary Gropper's latest education?

Zachary Gropper's latest education in James Madison University

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