Zachary Paier

Hamden, Connecticut, United States
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Enova Nutrition & Fitness Center

University of New Haven


Zachary Paier

Hamden, Connecticut, United States
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Enova Nutrition & Fitness Center

University of New Haven



From as early as I can remember, I knew I wanted to become an entrepreneur. My grandparents founded Paier College of Art in 1946 which became a prestigious academy in the art world for decades to come and would be a source of pride for our family. This led to my first job at Paier College for many years to come and taught me to be diligent, curious and committed. I had a variety of positions at the college which ranged from cleaning to construction, to attending college fairs as a college representative, to becoming a server administrator for many of the department’s computer labs. I quickly learned to work independently, honing skills in technology to be a more valuable resource for the business and to derive a sense of pride for resolving complex issues. This ever changing position nurtured my work ethic and reinforced the mentality that no job is too big or small. It also coached me to believe that if it isn’t your job - then it’s your duty to make it your job, rather than to dismiss responsibility.I started my first corporate job as a Help Desk Technician at WWE after acquiring a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management at the University of New Haven and studying in Seoul at Korea University. During this time, my family was preparing to sell Paier College of Art - this loss was felt immediately and caused the spark to recalibrate my ambitions. My brother and I determined that we must revitalize our family’s entrepreneurial spirit and thus we founded Phoenix Fitness LLC in 2017.In an effort to balance my appreciation for IT and my love for running a family business, I maintained a part-time position at Phoenix Fitness and worked full-time at the Yale School of Management as a Desktop Technician. I eventually left Yale in 2021 when we changed our company name from Phoenix Fitness to Enova Nutrition and Fitness Center. I then became the full-time Chief of Finance at Enova and have been working here ever since. It is our ambition to improve upon the world of fitness and nutrition by implementing current science-backed research and cutting edge technology to ensure the best results. If you are interested in learning more - check us out at

Zachary Paier In Short

Zachary Paier is an experienced entrepreneur with 18.5 years of work experience. He possesses a wide range of skills including Adobe Creative Suite, Photoshop, Mac, Illustrator, and Microsoft Excel. Based in Hamden, Connecticut, Zachary's grandparents founded Paier College of Art, a prestigious academy in the art world. He has a strong work ethic and a sense of pride for his work. Zachary's entrepreneurial spirit and passion for running a family business have led him to establish Phoenix Fitness LLC, a company that aims to improve the world of fitness and nutrition.

Zachary Paier's Professional Milestones

  • Administration (2005-06-01~2017-08-01): Streamlined administrative processes, improving efficiency and productivity across the organization.
  • IT Support Technician (2017-11-01~2020-12-01): Provided technical support to customers, resolving complex issues promptly and ensuring their resolution.
  • Chief Financial Officer (2018-04-01~): Transformed financial operations to achieve higher profitability and drive sustainable growth.
  • Energy Consultant (2013-10-01~2013-12-01): Provided expert energy planning and mitigation solutions for clients, reducing carbon footprint and boosting their overall company's environmental impact.
  • Executive Assistant (2013-09-01~2013-12-01): Provided seamless administrative support to CEO by implementing efficient systems and systems.
  • College Representative (2013-09-01~2017-08-01): Negotiated high-profile deals, expanding the College's reach and driving student success.
  • Data Support Analyst (2017-08-01~2017-11-01): Implementing efficient data management processes to streamline data processing and accuracy.
  • Help Desk Support Technician (2016-03-01~2017-05-01): Provided exceptional technical assistance and troubleshooting, resolving customer issues effectively.
  • Chief Financial Officer: Implemented strategic financial initiatives to streamline operations and drive sustainable growth.
  • Chief Financial Officer (2018-04-01~): Revamped financial strategies, driving profitability and driving organizational success.
  • Co-Founder | Chief Financial Officer (2018-04-01~): Designed and implemented strategic financial initiatives, driving profitability and establishing a strong market presence.
  • Desktop Support Technician (2020-12-01~2021-06-01): Provided efficient technical support, resolving issues promptly and ensuring prompt resolution of issues.
  • Co-Founder | Chief Financial Officer: Secured financial funding, driving success in the financial landscape.

Zachary Paier's Emails and Phone Numbers

Research Contact
Research Contact

Work Experience

Enova Nutrition & Fitness Center

North Haven,Connecticut,United States

Wellness and Fitness Services

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Yale School of Management

New Haven,Connecticut,United States

Integrated Security Group

Middletown,Connecticut,United States

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Stamford,Connecticut,United States

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Ambit Energy

Irving,Texas,United States

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Paier College Of Art Inc

Hamden,Connecticut,United States

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Adobe Creative Suite




Microsoft Excel




System Administration

Server Administration

Fine Art


Digital Photography




Art Direction


Image Manipulation

Workgroup Manager

Active Directory

Microsoft Office




Cisco Vpn



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Frequently asked questions

What is Zachary Paier's email address?

We found 1 Zachary Paier's email addresses

What is Zachary Paier's phone numbers?

We found 2 Zachary Paier's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Zachary Paier have?

Zachary Paier's social media include: Linkedin, Facebook, 

What company does Zachary Paier work for?

Zachary Paier works for Enova Nutrition & Fitness Center

What is Zachary Paier's role in Enova Nutrition & Fitness Center?

Zachary Paier's role in Enova Nutrition & Fitness Center is Co-Founder | Chief Financial Officer

Which industry does Zachary Paier work in?
Zachary Paier works in the industry of Wellness and Fitness Services
Wellness and Fitness Services

Who are Zachary Paier's colleagues?
Zachary Paier's colleagues are Bryan Rowland,Jake Paier
Bryan Rowland,
Jake Paier

What is Zachary Paier's latest job experience?

Zachary Paier's latest job experience is Co-Founder | Chief Financial Officer at Enova Nutrition & Fitness Center

What is Zachary Paier's latest education?

Zachary Paier's latest education in University of New Haven

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