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Zack Holland is a founder and marketing executive with 7 years of experience. He is based in Brooklyn, New York, and is passionate about helping companies scale efficiently. Zack is the founder of SelectFew, a company that specializes in innovative and modern strategy. He handles talent and tool sourcing from Expert Marketplace, leveraging data from top 5 agencies and technology platforms. Zack's mission is to elevate marketing operations while reducing risk through a simple 3-step approach. He has a diverse range of customer teams, from venture-backed startups to innovative enterprise build growth systems.
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Building a more efficient and transparent future of marketing alongside the incredible team at SelectFew. Raised in the Amazon Rainforest, now in Brooklyn.4x founder with exits and failures alike and am genuinely passionate about helping companies scale efficiently - because founders, executives and marketers deserve to be sane.What deprives them of their sanity?Today’s marketing agency, freelance, and tech landscape is an outdated mess.Models depend on random retainer fees, referral introductions, and 1-5 star ratings.Yet hiring n-house teams has never been more slow or high-risk.If your current marketing operations involve:⚠️Scattered priorities⚠️Siloed marketing operations⚠️No true expertise in every necessary skill⚠️Lack of accountability or consistency⚠️A dozen different recommended tech stack tools⚠️Virtually no or disorganized data to support in-house strategiesYou’re not the only one.As a founder, marketing executive (and growth nerd)—I got tired of it.In 2020, I made it my mission to build a genuine and actionable solution.SelectFew elevates marketing operations while statistically decreasing risk through a simple 3-step approach:1️⃣ You’re matched with an experienced SelectFew Strategist to assist in developing innovative and modern strategy.2️⃣ They handle all talent and tool sourcing from our Expert Marketplace, where you are data-matched with perfect-fit, specialized experts, agencies, advisors and software.3️⃣ You get an agile, scalable marketing program that acts as an extension of your team.So you can have the knowledge base of an top 5 agency, the intimacy of an in-house team, at the cost efficiency of a technology platform. (all at fair, 100% transparent pricing) What’s more:⭐Over 200+ customer teams ranging from venture-backed startup to innovative enterprise build growth systems on SelectFew⭐Our SelectFew Marketplace includes 3800+ vetted experts, agencies and advisors across every specialty and skill level, matched to your program using millions of data points including communication styles and meeting preferences ⭐We’re partners with 350+ of the best technology tools & platforms that solve hyper-specific business problems, so you can get industry best rates on your software spendYou shouldn’t be paying ridiculous agency fees for cookie-cutter approaches performed by overburdened recent college graduates that simply can’t consider the nuances of your business. Get honest, data-driven marketing that actually works.

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Work Experience

Mountain View, WY, US
+1 3077823100
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Zack Holland's Professional Milestones

  • Marketing Director (2019-08-01~2020-07-01): Established a professional training program to enhance student skills and foster personal growth.
  • Chief Executive Officer | Founder (2020-08-01~): Becoming the CEO and the CEO of the company, positioning the company as a global leader.
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University of Southern California
University of Southern California

Philosophy And Marketing,

Bachelor Of Arts