Zack Wickes

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
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34F Design Inc.

British Columbia Institute of Technology


Zack Wickes

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada
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34F Design Inc.

British Columbia Institute of Technology



I am currently the COO of 34F Design Inc. A family owned, boutique interior design firm. I have previously been a CTO, VP Software Engineering, Software Development Team Manager/Leader and Senior Software Engineer. I offer an uncommon mix of advanced (and practical) software design and development skills as well as entrepreneurial marketing skills and experiences. I have a passion for growth-oriented software companies that value innovation, creativity, employee empowerment and deliver a solid, valuable product or service. I am well recognized for creative problem solving using best-practices software development methodologies. I provide reliable technical leadership, robust software architecture & designs, executive boardroom presentation skills, disciplined work ethic, high performance standards, detailed project management skills, communication ability and reliability. I am a certified SCRUM Master by the Agile Alliance and I am passionate about improving the quality, speed of delivery and maintainability of software systems using continuous process improvement techniques. I deliver technical software documentation of the highest quality when required.I excel at building strong relationships among team members, clients and vendors. I have a rare ability to build highly effective working relationships between business-development and software-development teams because of my diverse background - marketing management, software development/engineering and management as well as software start-up entrepreneurship (founding a number of start-ups in the last 17+ years).Specialties: Enterprise Architecture.Senior Software Engineering Ability in Multiple Domains. Team Building. Continuous Process Improvement. Development Process Optimization. Software Development Process Management. Technical Client Communications.

Zack Wickes In Short

Zack Wickes is a highly experienced software engineer with over 22 years of work experience. He is currently the COO of 34F Design Inc., a boutique interior design firm. Zack has held various leadership positions, including CTO, VP Software Engineering, and Senior Software Engineer. He is known for his expertise in enterprise architecture, continuous process improvement, and technical client communications. Zack is a certified SCRUM Master and has a strong track record of building strong relationships with business-development and software start-ups. He is based in Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada.

Zack Wickes's Professional Milestones

  • Vice President Software Engineering (2009-01-01~2010-11-01): Driving technological advancements and optimizing processes to strengthen the company's software capabilities.
  • Vice President Technology (2012-01-01~2012-09-01): Driving technological advancements and fostering a culture of innovation to propel the company towards a new level of success.
  • Chief Technical Officer | Chief Technology Officer (2005-01-01~2008-04-01): Driving technological advancements and expanding customer base through cutting-edge solutions and effective leadership.
  • Senior Software Architect (2013-04-01~2014-06-01): Developed scalable and efficient software solutions, enhancing productivity and scalability for clients.
  • Vice President Of Engineering (2015-08-01~2016-11-01): Driving innovation and innovation across the engineering department to revolutionize the industry.
  • Chief Operating Officer (2011-01-01~): Streamlined administrative processes, improving efficiency and productivity across the organization.
  • Chief Operating Officer: Implementing strategic initiatives to optimize operational efficiency and exceed business objectives.

Zack Wickes's Emails and Phone Numbers

Research Contact
Research Contact

Work Experience

34F Design Inc.

Vancouver,British Columbia,Canada

Architecture and Planning

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Burnaby,British Columbia,Canada

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Software Engineering

Development Management

Building Strong Teams

Enterprise Architecture

Development Process Optimization

Continuous Improvement

Team Building



Enterprise Software




Solution Architecture

Start Ups

Software Project Management

Team Leadership

Process Development


Cloud Computing

Agile Project Management


Technical Leadership

It Strategy

Agile Methodologies

High Performance Teams

Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development

Product Development


Process Simulation

Web Services

Project Management

Web Applications




Microsoft Sql Server

Requirements Analysis

E Commerce


Software Design

Business Intelligence

Web Development

Object Oriented Design



Database Design

Visual Studio

Certification (2)

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Frequently asked questions

What is Zack Wickes's email address?

We found 3 Zack Wickes's email addresses

What is Zack Wickes's phone numbers?

We found 1 Zack Wickes's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Zack Wickes have?

Zack Wickes's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does Zack Wickes work for?

Zack Wickes works for 34F Design Inc.

What is Zack Wickes's role in 34F Design Inc.?

Zack Wickes's role in 34F Design Inc. is Chief Operating Officer

Which industry does Zack Wickes work in?
Zack Wickes works in the industry of Architecture and Planning
Architecture and Planning

Who are Zack Wickes's colleagues?
Zack Wickes's colleagues are Jerry Tang,Sara M.,Ramon Ramirez
Jerry Tang,
Sara M.,
Ramon Ramirez

What is Zack Wickes's latest job experience?

Zack Wickes's latest job experience is Chief Operating Officer at 34F Design Inc.

What is Zack Wickes's latest education?

Zack Wickes's latest education in British Columbia Institute of Technology

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