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Zakay Danial is a highly experienced CTO with 22.8 years of work experience. Based in Sweden, he is known for his passion for adventure, resilience, and continuous learning. Zakay has held various leadership positions in renowned companies such as, Blocket,, and Xerox. He has a strong track record of driving innovation and achieving strategic goals. With his expertise in engineering and technical departments, Zakay has successfully led global coordination teams and implemented effective technology solutions.
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By embracing the spirit of adventure, resilience, and continuous learning exemplified by Guybrush Threepwood, a CTO can navigate the complex world of technology leadership with aplomb

Work Experience

121D Sankt Eriksgatan, Stockholm, Stockholm County, Sweden, 113 43
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Zakay Danial's Professional Milestones

  • Co-Founder | Chief Product Officer | Chief Technology Officer (2017-09-01~2019-09-01): Expanding global territory and increasing revenue through strategic partnerships and effective digital marketing strategies.
  • Chief Technology Officer | Product Visionary (2015-03-01~): Driving technological advancements and spearheading innovative solutions for enhanced product performance and customer satisfaction.
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Uppsala University
Uppsala University


Computer Science,


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