Zal Rustom

London, England, United Kingdom
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Coventry University

Zal Rustom

London, England, United Kingdom
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Coventry University


I am an experienced Crisis Manager and Business Leader with a proud record of successful project executions around the world. As a Fellow of the Chartered Management institute and Member of the Energy Institute I am committed to constant professional development and a lifetime of learning.In addition to senior corporate management and business development I have spearheaded many projects involving planning, change management, strategy development, integrity management, strategic leadership, coaching, mentoring and team development.To deliver long and medium term business strategy goals I have a major involvement in all aspects of business development including contracts negotiation across an international landscape and continuous stakeholder management and engagement.In date Security Clearance hosted by Defra.Noteworthy projects include:Build and lead the International and Specialist Services Division for Braemar Howells (part of Braemar Shipping Services plc).Directorship of Hi-Bar (UK) Ltd, growing the business in upstream oil to acquisition by an LSE quoted plc.Development of Crisis & Emergency Management systems and teams for InterOil in Papua New Guinea.Creation of robust incident management capability for Talisman Energy in Iraq.Development of emergency management systems for support of Cobalt Energy’s offshore operations in Angola.Oil Spill and Emergency Preparedness support for BP in Angola for offshore exploration and delivery of ‘First Oil’.Crisis Management & Preparedness for wildcat drilling program in Sierra Leone for Talisman Energy.Delivery of planning and training for TAQA Iraq.Crisis and Emergency Management support for China LNG International Shipping Company in Hong Kong.Delivery of Integrity and Resilience Management for Talisman Energy’s deep water drilling program in Indonesia.Develop and manage the oil spill preparedness model for Sintezneftegaz in Namibia.

Short Summary

Zal Rustom is an experienced Crisis Manager and Business Leader with 35.9 years of work experience. He has a strong background in crisis management, emergency management, petroleum, safety management systems, and energy. Zal has successfully executed projects worldwide and has a reputation for continuous professional development and continuous learning. He has held various leadership positions, including Director of Hi-Bar (UK) Ltd and Director of Hi-Bar (UK) Ltd. Zal has also developed crisis and emergency management systems and teams for Talisman Energy and Cobalt Energy. He has also managed the oil spill preparedness model for Sintezneftegaz in Namibia.

Professional Milestone

  • Managing Director (2016-03-01~2018-10-01): Driving company growth and establishing a strong industry presence through strategic leadership and effective leadership.
  • Divisional Manager International Operations (2006-08-01~2012-01-01): Streamlined international operations and increased efficiency through strategic initiatives and effective team management.
  • Crisis Management Advisor (2011-01-01~): Provided expert guidance in crisis management, optimizing productivity and ensuring response times.
  • Consultant En Hivering | Shivering | Surfaction (2012-01-01~2013-01-01): Developing innovative solutions for clients, revolutionizing the surfing industry and delivering exceptional surfing experiences.
  • Consultant IndéPendant (2022-02-01~2016-03-01): Successfully implemented data analysis techniques, improving data accuracy and efficiency in business operations.
  • Global Head - Response Braemar Technical Services (2017-03-01~2018-10-01): Expanding international operations to reach new markets and drive business growth.
  • Crisis Management Advisor (2014-10-01~2015-12-01): Developing effective strategies to mitigate risks and ensure smooth execution of crises.
  • Risk And Crisis Contractor (2010-01-01~2012-01-01): Executing key risk assessments and proactively managing strategic initiatives to mitigate potential vulnerabilities and mitigate potential crises.
  • Crisis Management Advisor (1998-01-01~2011-01-01): Provided expert guidance on crisis response, improving decision-making processes and enhancing customer satisfaction.
  • Chief Executive Officer (2018-10-01~): Implementing strategic initiatives to elevate company strategic level and drive profitability.
  • Project And Environmental Management Lead: Implementing sustainable practices to mitigate environmental impact and reduce environmental impact.
  • Head Of Pollution Control Services: Implementing comprehensive environmental prevention strategies to reduce and improve overall environmental quality.

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Environmental Services

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Cobalt International Energy

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London,England,United Kingdom

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Frequently asked questions

What is Zal Rustom's email address?

We found 3 Zal Rustom's email addresses

What is Zal Rustom's phone numbers?

We found 1 Zal Rustom's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Zal Rustom have?

Zal Rustom's social media include: Linkedin, Facebook, 

What company does Zal Rustom work for?

Zal Rustom works for Lamor

What is Zal Rustom's role in Lamor?

Zal Rustom's role in Lamor is Project And Environmental Management Lead

Which industry does Zal Rustom work in?
Zal Rustom works in the industry of Environmental Services
Environmental Services

Who are Zal Rustom's colleagues?
Zal Rustom's colleagues are Dan Beyer,Johan Grön,Johanna Grönroos
Dan Beyer,
Johan Grön,
Johanna Grönroos

What is Zal Rustom's latest job experience?

Zal Rustom's latest job experience is Project And Environmental Management Lead at Lamor

What is Zal Rustom's latest education?

Zal Rustom's latest education in Coventry University

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