Zane Lamprey

Los Angeles, California, United States
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State University of New York College at Cortland


Zane Lamprey

Los Angeles, California, United States
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State University of New York College at Cortland



Tickets for Zane Lamprey's Laughs & Drafts comedy tour are on sale now at!As the host of travelogues on Travel Channel, National Geographic, Food Network, and Spike, Zane Lamprey is familiar with having enviable TV gigs. And, as most of those shows have consisted of him traveling the globe to explore drinking customs by tossing back a few with the locals, he’s constantly being told that he has the best job in the world.Zane is also the Founder & CEO of Adv3nture, an American-made apparel brand for travelers. The award-winning apparel plants three trees with every purchase.Zane began his foray in the world of travel with Three Sheets in 2006. Since then, he has hosted over 130 episodes of television where he’s traversed the globe to experience local food and drinks. Drinking Made Easy was his second drink-themed travel show, which aired for three seasons on Mark Cuban’s HDNet. This was followed by a season of Chug, on NatGeo, where he once again took to the world in pursuit of unique concoctions.Zane hosted “Have Fork, Will Travel” on the Food Network, where he traveled around the world and explored food customs. Proving that the magic wasn’t just in the bottle, he was just as successful at getting people to open up over fish stew as he was with a Sake bomb. From sitting down with a top French chef in Marseille to cutting down banana trees in Puerto Rico, Zane finds the interesting and funny in any situation.As the most well-know personality in the ‘drinks space’ Zane has built an empire around his brand, as well as a legion of dedicated fans, and the reputation as a personality that people trust. He has done hundreds of interviews for radio and print and has appeared as a guest on “The Tonight Show,” “Last Call with Carson Daly,” “Hannity” on Fox News, “CNN Headline News” and many others. He has also been featured in over fifty publications, including Vanity Fair, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, Entertainment Weekly, Playboy, Stuff and on the cover of Mutineer Magazine. Zane's book, Three Sheets: 6 Continents, 15 Countries, 190 drinks and 1 Mean Hangover, published by Random House, hit the shelves in March, 2010.“Lamprey’s enthusiasm is completely ingenuous and refreshing.” NY Times“It could be argued that Zane Lamprey has the greatest job in America.” 
The Washington Post “Though he may have started off as a comedian with a show, he’s now getting used to being something of an alcohol expert.” 
NY Daily News“Three Sheets just may be the best travel show ever.” Playboy

Zane Lamprey In Short

Zane Lamprey is a highly experienced television and comedy host with over 23 years of work experience. He has a diverse skill set that includes HD video production, entertainment, and video production. Based in North Hollywood, California, Zane has worked on various shows, including the Laughs & Drafts comedy tour and the Founder & CEO of Adv3nture, an American-made apparel brand. He has also held positions at Adv3nture and has a strong reputation for his talent and talent. Zane's diverse background and expertise make him a valuable asset in the industry.

Zane Lamprey's Professional Milestones

  • Co-Founder | Chairman Of The Board (2014-03-01~): Guided and delighted guests in creating breathtaking and immersive experiences through meticulous attention to detail.
  • Chief Executive Officer | Founder (2015-01-01~): Building a successful advertising company through strategic leadership and effective execution.
  • Chief Executive Officer | Founder (2022-06-01~): Driving success by establishing a dynamic and profitable business model.
  • Chief Executive Officer | Executive Producer (2009-04-01~): Successfully developed and executed strategic projects, driving company profitability and establishing a strong reputation in the industry.
  • Executive Producer (2017-03-01~2019-03-01): Produced and filmed a critically acclaimed album, captivating audiences with engaging and captivating recordings.
  • Host Executive Producer (2014-10-01~2015-01-01): Producing compelling content that captivates audiences and drives sales.
  • Host | Executive Producer (2010-10-01~2013-01-01): Produced successful and acclaimed podcasts, captivating audiences with captivating storytelling.
  • Host Of 3 Sheets (2005-01-01~2010-12-01): Delivered exceptional customer service and increased customer satisfaction through on-time and seamless assembly.
  • Host (2008-01-01~2009-01-01): Contributed to the success of the project, enhancing guest experience and exceeding guest expectations.
  • Host (2007-10-01~2008-01-01): Provided exceptional service to hosts, fostering a positive and welcoming environment for all of our guests.
  • Host Of Food Network (2005-01-01~2007-12-01): Expanding food network across the globe, elevating food service standards to new levels of excellence.
  • Producer (2006-01-01~2007-01-01): Delivered high-quality content to drive audience engagement and exceed production expectations.
  • Chief Executive Officer | Founder (2022-06-01~): Driving strategic initiatives and fostering a culture of growth by implementing innovative solutions.

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Retail Apparel and Fashion

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Frequently asked questions

What is Zane Lamprey's email address?

We found 2 Zane Lamprey's email addresses

What is Zane Lamprey's phone numbers?

We found 1 Zane Lamprey's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Zane Lamprey have?

Zane Lamprey's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does Zane Lamprey work for?

Zane Lamprey works for Pleepleus

What is Zane Lamprey's role in Pleepleus?

Zane Lamprey's role in Pleepleus is Chief Executive Officer | Founder

Which industry does Zane Lamprey work in?
Zane Lamprey works in the industry of Retail Apparel and Fashion
Retail Apparel and Fashion

What is Zane Lamprey's latest job experience?

Zane Lamprey's latest job experience is Chief Executive Officer | Founder at Pleepleus

What is Zane Lamprey's latest education?

Zane Lamprey's latest education in State University of New York College at Cortland

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