Zita Schellekens

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Behavior Change Academy


Zita Schellekens

Amsterdam, North Holland, Netherlands
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KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Behavior Change Academy



Enthusiastic, strategic, pragmatic and idealistic business pioneer. Bringing impactful and exciting change through:(1) advisory to multinationals on transformation(2) investments in sustainable start-ups that shake up industries(3) persuading others to acknowledge and leverage their potential impactBackground in multinational companies and politics. Passionate in designing responsible business models with purpose by turning challenges into opportunities. Eager to drive and accomplish sustainable change. Skilled in building sustainable strategies, while using internal engagement to transform organizations and companies. Thrives on creative problem solution, in search of financial and sustainable win-wins. Understands the bigger picture. Knows how to engage and enthuse all internal and external stakeholders.Prefers to work in an international environment, having worked and lived in many continents.

Short Summary

Zita Schellekens is an enthusiastic and strategic business pioneer with 17.5 years of experience. She has a strong background in politics, government, policy, strategy, and international relations. Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, Zita has worked in various roles, including as a SVP Strategy & Sustainability at KLM and as a Member of the Sustainability Advisory Board at Royal Schiphol Group. She is skilled in designing responsible business models and implementing creative problem solutions. Zita is passionate about driving sustainable change and has a passion for working in an international environment.

Professional Milestone

  • Policy Advisor (2010-09-01~2010-12-01): Provided strategic policy insights to promote social justice and promote social cohesion in all communities.
  • Director Corporate Affairs (2017-03-01~2019-08-01): Expanding global presence through strategic partnerships and effective decision-making.
  • Spokeswoman Press Officer (2011-01-01~2011-04-01): Revitalized media operations, elevating viewer engagement and engagement.
  • Manager | EU And Regulatory Affairs (2014-03-01~2014-07-01): Developing and implementing effective regulations for EU compliance with EU regulations.
  • David Rockefeller Fellow (2017-04-01~): Contributed to the success of creative campaigns, fostering strong connections with writers, and fostering a positive impact in the
  • Spokeswoman | Press Officer | Senate And Provincial Elections (2011-01-01~2011-04-01): Developed and implemented effective social media strategies to attract and retain top leaders in the Sare and Alberta elections.
  • Board Member (2012-09-01~2018-09-01): Contributing to the success of the board through strategic planning and effective leadership.
  • Production Supervisor (2007-09-01~2008-09-01): Optimized production processes, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.
  • Co-Chair (2016-07-01~2017-03-01): Developed and implemented strategic initiatives to drive organizational success and enhance organizational culture.
  • Government Affairs And Sustainable Development Manager Asia Pacific (2014-07-01~2015-08-01): Implementing sustainable initiatives in the Asia Pacific region, inspiring and promoting an inclusive and sustainable environment.
  • Senior Advisor To Fiike Sijbesma Honorary Chairman Of DSM (2020-06-01~): Successfully led a team in maximizing financial performance, driving financial success for the company.
  • Political Advisor To The Minister For Foreign Trade (2009-01-01~2010-01-01): Advocating for foreign trade policies, driving positive impact on international policy decisions.
  • Global Shaper - World Economic Forum (2014-01-01~2019-01-01): Revitalized global culture by presenting insightful economic discussions on global economics and governance.
  • Public Affairs Consultant (2011-05-01~2014-03-01): Successfully executed strategic PR campaigns, resolving key issues to reach target audiences and strengthen brand awareness.
  • Founder | Chief Executive Officer (2020-01-01~): Building and scaling a successful business from the ground up, driving operational excellence and achieving sustainable business growth.
  • Public Speaker | Moderator (2020-02-01~): Crafted captivating speeches that elevated brand visibility and garnered favorable public feedback.
  • Director Corporate Affairs (2017-03-01~2019-09-01): Overseeing strategic discussions and ensuring compliance with company regulations and regulations.
  • Co-Chair (2016-07-01~2017-03-01): Transforming company culture and embracing innovative strategies to enhance operational efficiency and drive sustainable growth.
  • Senior Vice President Of Strategy And Sustainability (2023-03-01~): Driving strategic initiatives and reducing carbon footprint to optimize overall business performance and create a greener future.
  • Founder | Investor (2020-01-01~): Successfully launched a new venture, generating business growth and expanding the market presence.
  • Public Speaker (2020-02-01~): Delivering impactful presentations that engage audiences and inspire positive stories.
  • member of the sustainability advisory board (2022-03-01~): Implementing a sustainable energy management framework to protect the company's public and their growth.
  • Steering Committee Member | Voluntary Carbon Markets Initiative (2021-04-01~): Contributed to successful coering initiatives for voluntary carbon markets, facilitating sustainable business growth.
  • Sustainability Director | Special Advisor | Bizbesma Honorary Chairman Of DSM (2020-06-01~2023-03-01): Implemented sustainable practices, promoting a holistic work environment and promoting sustainability around the organization.
  • Director Of Corporate Affairs (2014-07-01~2017-04-01): Creating and implementing strategic initiatives to drive business expansion and enhance public services.
  • Government Affairs And Sustainable Development Manager Asia Pacific (2014-07-01~2015-08-01): Expanding government outreach and implementing sustainable development initiatives across Asia Pacific regions.
  • Manager | EU And Regulatory Affairs (2014-03-01~2014-07-01): Improving regulatory compliance and ensuring compliance across all EU regions and regions.
  • Public Affairs Consultant (2011-05-01~2014-03-01): Executing successful PR campaigns to enhance brand reputation and boost engagement.
  • Candidate Party Delegation Leader | Lijsttrekker | PvDa To European Parliament (2013-08-01~2013-11-01): Organized and executed successful delegations for support, contributing to the successful plenary of the European Parliament.
  • Liaison On European Affairs (2008-09-01~2009-04-01): Leading cross-border collaborations, fostering collaboration, and fostering strong partnerships with European institutions.
  • Researcher (2006-05-01~2006-10-01): Conducted groundbreaking research, contributing to the advancement of knowledge in the field.
  • Senior Vice President Strategy & Sustainability | Transformation And Innovation: Driving strategic initiatives to achieve sustainable practices and drive innovation, resulting in increased productivity and cost savings.

Contact info

Research Contact
Research Contact

Work Experience

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

Amstelveen,North Holland,Netherlands

Airlines and Aviation

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International Relations

European Union

Corporate Social Responsibility


Strategic Communications


Sustainable Development

Human Rights




Public Policy

Public Speaking

Public Affairs



Political Campaigns


Social Media


Policy Analysis

International Development

Nonprofit Organizations


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Frequently asked questions

What is Zita Schellekens's email address?

We found 4 Zita Schellekens's email addresses

What is Zita Schellekens's phone numbers?

We found 1 Zita Schellekens's phone numbers

Which social media profiles does Zita Schellekens have?

Zita Schellekens's social media include: Linkedin, 

What company does Zita Schellekens work for?

Zita Schellekens works for KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

What is Zita Schellekens's role in KLM Royal Dutch Airlines?

Zita Schellekens's role in KLM Royal Dutch Airlines is Senior Vice President Strategy & Sustainability | Transformation And Innovation

Which industry does Zita Schellekens work in?
Zita Schellekens works in the industry of Airlines and Aviation
Airlines and Aviation

Who are Zita Schellekens's colleagues?
Zita Schellekens's colleagues are Adriënne Kapiteijn,Ingeborg Van Hulten,stephanie cedrone
Adriënne Kapiteijn,
Ingeborg Van Hulten,
stephanie cedrone

What is Zita Schellekens's latest job experience?

Zita Schellekens's latest job experience is Senior Vice President Strategy & Sustainability | Transformation And Innovation at KLM Royal Dutch Airlines

What is Zita Schellekens's latest education?

Zita Schellekens's latest education in Behavior Change Academy

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