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Gong Xin is a highly experienced professional with 14.1 years of work experience. Based in China, he has worked at China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd in Beijing, where he held various positions including Business Development Manager and Deputy General Manager. With a focus on construction, China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd has a large staff of 1001-5000 employees. Gong Xin's expertise lies in business development and he has contributed significantly to the growth and success of the company. .Read More

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China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd
China Harbour Engineering Co. Ltd2009-10-01 - 2011-04-01
CHEC is focused on basic infrastructure construction, such as Marine Engineering, Dredging and Reclamation, Road and Bridge, Railways, Airports, Complete Plant, and other works. CHEC prides itself on providing a full service to its clients and uses its international engineering experience, global business network, talented management team and robust financial backing to offer clients a wide range of service options such as D&B, EPC, PMC, BT and BOT. .Read More

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