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Mike McDonald is an experienced professional with 8.9 years of work experience. He is based in Canada and has worked as a Company Owner in the Other department since 2015. Prior to that, he worked at RBC Bank in the United States as a Bank Manager in the Finance department and as a Company Owner in the General Management department at loans me. RBC Bank is a well-established financial institution with a focus on banking and credit intermediation. .Read More

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RBC Bank is the only U.S. Bank dedicated to serving Canadians in the U.S. Whether our clients need a U.S. Bank account, credit card, loan or mortgage, our solutions are available anytime, anywhere through online, mobile and telephone banking – making it easy and convenient to bank with us in all 50 states. As a wholly owned subsidiary of RBC Royal Bank, we simplify banking in the U.S. For Canadians working, living or travelling across the border. Our cross-border banking package allows clients to easily manage their money on both sides of the border – from accessing U.S. Cash and credit, paying U.S. Bills and making purchases south of the border. Plus, our cross-border financing solutions make it easier for Canadians to purchase a U.S. Home – even without a U.S. Credit history. As a U.S. Bank that “speaks Canadian”, we guide our clients through the differences that exist between banking in the two countries, helping them achieve their U.S. Goals and simplify their cross-border lifestyle. Products Checking, Savings, Money Market accounts, Debit / Credit Cards, CDs, Mortgages, HELOCs, Unsecured Loans Banking Channels: Online, ATM, 24/7 dedicated bilingual live agent and automated banking .Read More

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