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Sevtap Arslan is an experienced professional with 15.8 years of work experience in various roles. He has expertise in business strategy, retail, finance, business planning, and management. Based in Turkey, Sevtap has a strong background in financial planning, analysis, and strategic planning. He has successfully managed large teams and has played a key role in development, improvement, and decision-making processes. Sevtap is known for his dedication, working habits, and good human relations. He believes in soft power in business life and has a soft power in his work. .Read More

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Experienced in financial planning, analysis, strategic planning, coordination of accounting and financial activities, acquisitions, auditing, and management of large teams of professionals. Has been part of development, improvement and decision making process of on going operations, new establishments and new projects. Dedicated working habits and very good human relations. Believed in soft power in business life and refused aggression and arrogance. .Read More

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Penti - 2015-03-01
Penti Çorap Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. Founded at 1950 in İstanbul. Penti is the leading hoisery brand in Turkey with more than 40% market share. - Annual 80.000.000 pairs pruduction - Fully integrated production starting from yarn and ending up at the retail store. - The capacity of production at world quality standards by using new technologies in hosiery sector. - 45.000 m2 factory promises in Çorlu. - 4.000 employees. - International offices in UK, Italy, Romania, Kazakhistan, Cyprus. Products: - Hosiery - Homewear - Lingreie - Beachwear Stores: - More than 400 stores at the most prestigious shopping malls and streets. - In line with the consumer's expectations every week renewed product portolio'​ - Average surface 100m2, 20.000 customers store/month. - Beyond Turkey, 200 stores in 34 countries. Brand Attributes: Socially responsible versatile innovative young and dynamic trendsetter reliable leader brand. Vision: In Turkey – To continue being the unchallenged legwear leader; to become the top of mind consumer choice for intimates & beachwear. In the Region – To become one of the two top leading Int’l brands in all the 3 categories. Mission: Build trust relationships & evoke the admiration of our consumers through products and services, to make them feel special by over delivering against their expectations in the leg wear, intimates and beachwear categories. .Read More

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