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Zarmi Sukses is a highly experienced professional with 25.7 years of work experience in various fields such as PHP, MySQL, web development, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, Linux, HTML, Ubuntu, Apache, Apache, web design, Microsoft SQL Server, HTML 5, Java, Windows, PostgreSQL, Codeigniter, Drupal, WordPress, and Linux system administration. Based in Indonesia, Zarmi has worked at Mandiri Sekuritas as a Trading on Other dept since September 2013. Prior to that, Zarmi worked as a Wiraswasta and Owner from 1998 to 2014. .Read More

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Mandiri Sekuritas2013-09-01 - Present
PT Mandiri Sekuritas (Mandiri Sekuritas/Company) has been awarded as Indonesia’s Best Investment Bank and Best Broker by the FinanceAsia Country Awards 2022. The 2022’s recognitions have made the Company continued its strong position as the Best Investment Bank in Indonesia or 12 consecutive years and Best Broker for 8 consecutive years. Mandiri Sekuritas is established in 2000 and providing customers with comprehensive and value-added capital market financial solutions. The Company obtained its business license as a securities broker and underwriter from Bapepam-LK based on Decree No. KEP-12/PM/1992 and No. KEP-13/PM/1992 dated 23 January 1992. .Read More

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