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Access FlashInfo 1 Billion+
Millions People Database
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Gain access to a reliable, accurate, and compliant database of 1 Billion+ millions people using FlashInfo from anywhere with just a single click.

Integrates with your tools


Identify Ideal Fit People

Leverage contact, firmographic, technographic, sales trigger event,
and intent filters to make data-driven decisions quickly and accurately.
Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to precision targeting with FlashInfo.

Use 150+ Data Attributes

Maximize your prospecting efficiency with over 150 data attributes available
through FlashInfo. Our extensive people database allows you to make precise
and data-driven decisions when targeting potential leads.


Access Accurate Data

FlashInfo employs a rigorous 6-step data verification process
to ensure up to 99% accuracy in our data. Our database is regularly
updated to provide users with the most current and reliable information available.

People Profile Details

Reaching out to the right people has never been easier.
With FlashInfo, besides usual prospect data like job position
or company size, you can access their direct email addresses,
phone numbers, social media profiles as well as organizations
they work in within seconds.



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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions.

What is the People Search feature in FlashInfo?

People Search in FlashInfo allows users to find and connect with potential prospects based on various filters such as job titles, departments, work experience, location, and more. It’s a powerful tool that can aid in creating more targeted and effective sales and marketing campaigns.

How accurate is the data provided by the People Search feature?

FlashInfo strives to provide the most accurate data possible, with ongoing efforts to verify and update the information. Contact verification filters like Email Status and Phone Number Status ensure the data is verified and reliable.

Can I export the data obtained from the People Search feature?
Yes, you can export the data obtained from the People Search feature. FlashInfo supports export to different platforms like HubSpot, Salesforce, and also to CSV files or via an API.
Can I save my search settings in the People Search feature?
Yes, you can save your search settings in FlashInfo. This feature allows you to save filter settings without unlocking the contact, creating a new ICP List. You can also unlock contacts and save them into a new list on the search result page.
How can I use the Social Intent filter in the People Search feature?

The Social Intent filter allows you to find people who are actively discussing a certain topic, product, or pain point on social platforms. This can be a powerful signal for buyer intent and can help you connect with interested prospects more efficiently.