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PiPaaS - Pipeline as a Service by FlashIntel

In today’s fast-paced market, businesses face the daunting challenge of not only reaching but engaging potential clients effectively. The traditional approach of hiring full-time sales development representatives (SDRs) is becoming less feasible and more costly, with results that often don’t justify the investment.

PiPaaS Service Package

Introducing PiPaaS – Your Solution to Modern Sales Challenges
  • Reduce Overhead Costs: Swap the high expenses of full-time SDR teams for PiPaaS’s cost-efficient fractional SDR service, minimizing your financial commitments.
  • Accelerate Results: Skip the lengthy setup of traditional SDR teams. PiPaaS delivers quick wins and fast ROI with our ready-to-go experts.
  • Stabilize Your Sales Pipeline: Forget the ups and downs in lead generation. Our PiPaaS SDRs use FlashInfo to ensure a consistent flow of qualified leads.
  • Flexibly Scale Your Sales: Adjust your sales force effortlessly to meet demand. PiPaaS’s scalable solution grows with your business, hassle-free.

Integrates with your tools


Revolutionize Your Sales Process with FlashIntel's PiPaaS

Maximize your sales potential by leveraging PiPaaS, FlashIntel’s leading-edge Pipeline as a Service solution. Accelerate your sales cycle, increase your conversion rates, and achieve unparalleled sales efficiency at minimal risk.

It's Time for a Strategic Shift to Outbound Calling

The conventional “spray and pray” email campaigns are increasingly less effective due to strict spam filtering by major email services.

Maximize Engagement with Targeted Social Outreach

PiPaaS embraces a refined social selling approach, steering SDR efforts towards dynamic interaction and dialogue via social media, the channels proven to deliver superior results.

Leveraging FlashIntel’s Social Intent insights, our strategy involves engaging decision-makers in industry-relevant conversations across social platforms. 


Value Delivered in Days

FlashIntel specializes in outbound calling, offering a quick-to-implement service that puts a dedicated SDR to work for you, ensuring rapid value delivery.

Our PiPaaS service involves making 250 to 500 calls per day on your behalf, utilizing the industry’s top-rated calling platform that integrates all activities with your CRM for a cohesive customer record.

We Assign a World-Class SDR to Your Team

They remain on our payroll, with our benefits, while we manage all aspects of their work. Collaborate with your assigned SDR and customer success manager to achieve your campaign goals, leveraging the efficiency of parallel dialing. Analytics are provided to guide you every step of the way.



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Option 1: Do-It-Yourself Cost Analysis

The Average In-House Cost for Supporting ONE Rep

Salary & Commission$65,000
Tech Stack & Data$24,000
Staffing Costs$20,000


or $12,800/Rep/Month

* The Bridge Group – 2023 Industry Report

Option 2: FlashIntel's PiPaaS - Pipeline as a Service

Flashintel offers a competitive and predictable monthly fee with minimal start-up costs

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the most common frequently asked questions.

What exactly is a fractional SDR service?

A fractional SDR service provides businesses with access to sales development representatives (SDRs) on a part-time or shared basis. This model allows companies to benefit from expert sales support without the need for full-time hires.

How does PiPaaS implement the fractional SDR model?

FlashIntel’s PiPaaS assigns trained SDRs to customers on a monthly subscription basis. These SDRs work as an extension of your team, focusing on generating leads and accelerating your sales pipeline.

Do I need to be a current user of the FlashInfo platform to access the PiPaaS service?

To ensure the most seamless integration and effectiveness of our PiPaaS service, it is designed to work in conjunction with the FlashInfo platform. Our SDRs are extensively trained on FlashInfo to maximize the platform’s unique sales acceleration features. While PiPaaS is optimized for FlashInfo users, we invite interested businesses to explore how FlashInfo and PiPaaS together can enhance their sales processes and outcomes.

What tasks can the PiPaaS SDRs handle?

Our SDRs are trained to handle a range of tasks, including prospecting, cold calling, lead qualification, scheduling meetings, and nurturing leads through the sales funnel using FlashInfo.

Can I choose the number of SDRs to hire through PiPaaS?

Yes, FlashIntel offers flexible PiPaaS plans that allow you to select the number of fractional SDRs based on your business needs and budget.

What training do PiPaaS SDRs receive?

PiPaaS SDRs undergo rigorous training in sales techniques, industry-specific knowledge, and FlashInfo’s revenue acceleration platform to ensure they can effectively represent your brand and optimize your sales process.

What is the minimum commitment for using PiPaaS SDR services?

PiPaaS operates on a monthly subscription model with minimum commitment of 3 months.

How do I track the performance of my PiPaaS SDRs?

FlashInfo provides detailed analytics and reportings integrated in its platform that allow you to monitor the activities and performance of your assigned SDRs, ensuring transparency and alignment with your sales goals.

What makes PiPaaS SDRs different from hiring my own SDRs?

Hiring PiPaaS SDRs eliminates the overhead associated with recruiting, training, and managing full-time employees. Plus, you get immediate access to trained professionals and can scale up or down based on demand.