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Track and Optimize Your Sales with FlashInfo

Boost your sales performance with FlashInfo’s comprehensive Revenue Acceleration Platform. By merging Sales Intelligence and Engagement capabilities, FlashInfo delivers tools to monitor, analyze, and enhance your sales process.

Why Choose FlashInfo for Sales Tracking?

FlashInfo is the trusted solution for sales teams who need to monitor their sales efforts. Our platform offers real-time tracking, comprehensive analytics, and enriching insights to help improve your sales strategies.


Boost Sales Efficiency

With FlashInfo’s tracking and analytics tools, enhance the effectiveness of your sales operations. Stay informed about your sales efforts and make necessary adjustments for optimized performance.


Experience up to


sales tracking efficiency

Drive Sales Growth

Leverage FlashInfo’s data-rich platform to gain actionable insights and drive data-backed decisions that fuel growth and enhance sales performance.

Achieve a


increase in sales growth


Unlock the Power of Efficient Sales Tracking

Sales tracking can be complex, but FlashInfo’s Revenue Acceleration Platform makes it easier. Our suite of tools and features streamline sales tracking, allowing you to monitor and improve your sales process effectively.

Real-Time Sales Monitoring

FlashInfo’s Engage Tab enables real-time tracking of your outreach efforts. Keep track of sequences, monitor open rates, and evaluate the efficiency of your outreach efforts.


Integrated Sales Tracking

FlashInfo seamlessly integrates Sales Intelligence and Engagement, providing a holistic view of your sales efforts. With our platform, track and analyze the effectiveness of your strategies across all channels.

Comprehensive Data Security

FlashInfo ensures the highest level of data security. We are committed to handling your data with care and in compliance with world-class data security standards.


Data Enrichment

Upload a CSV file with your contact list, map the columns to FlashInfo fields, and receive an enriched CSV file with up-to-date information, allowing a more comprehensive view of your sales landscape.

Seamless Integration

Integrate FlashInfo with various third-party systems like HubSpot and Salesforce, ensuring a fluid, streamlined workflow for your sales tracking.


Robust Sales Tracking Tools

With FlashInfo’s suite of tools, including real-time tracking, customizable sequences, and advanced search capabilities, enhance your sales tracking capabilities. Make informed decisions, drive sales growth, and achieve your business goals faster.


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