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FlashInfo Salesloft Data Enrichment – Improve Sales Efficiency

Data enrichment plays a crucial role in driving sales success. By enhancing customer data with additional information, sales teams can identify and target prospects more effectively. Salesloft, a leading sales engagement platform, offers an impressive data enrichment tool called FlashInfo.

FlashInfo seamlessly integrates with Salesloft’s platform to provide users with accurate and up-to-date customer data, empowering them to personalize their outreach and drive better results.

Benefits of Data Enrichment

  • Data enrichment with FlashInfo offers several benefits for sales teams. Having enriched data enables sales professionals to identify and reach their target prospects more efficiently.
  • By appending and cleansing data, FlashInfo ensures that crucial prospect information is accurate and up-to-date, enabling targeted and personalized outreach.
  • Sales teams can leverage this enriched data to enhance their lead generation efforts, improve lead scoring accuracy, and optimize customer segmentation for more tailored sales strategies.
  • By integrating data enrichment with your sales process, you can deliver more effective, targeted outreach to your prospects. This will help you reach the right people faster and with higher quality leads.

Features of FlashInfo – One Stop Solution For You

FlashInfo offers an array of powerful features designed to enhance the data enrichment process.

  • One key feature is data appending, which allows Salesloft users to enrich their customer data with additional information such as industry, company size, and social media profiles. This feature enables sales teams to gain deep insights into their prospects, facilitating more meaningful interactions.
  • Another important feature is data cleansing, which helps eliminate duplicate or outdated information, ensuring sales professionals have access to accurate data for their outreach efforts. FlashInfo’s seamless integration with Salesloft ensures a smooth and streamlined experience for users.
  • One of FlashInfo’s most popular features is its ability to automatically create and send highly-personalized emails. With this tool, salespeople can quickly generate personalized outreach messages that are relevant to the recipient’s specific situation or needs. This feature helps sales teams deliver more relevant and effective messages while saving time and resources on manual data entry.

Use Cases of Salesloft Data Enrichment

Numerous sales teams have leveraged Salesloft’s data enrichment solution using FlashInfo to achieve remarkable results.

For example, a software company used FlashInfo to enrich their prospect data and experienced a significant improvement in lead generation.

By having access to comprehensive information about their prospects, they were able to tailor their messaging, resulting in higher engagement rates and increased conversions.

Another use case involves an e-commerce company that utilized FlashInfo’s data enrichment capabilities to enhance their customer segmentation.

This enabled them to create more targeted marketing campaigns, leading to improved customer satisfaction and higher sales.

Implementation and Integration Using FlashInfo

Implementing FlashInfo and integrating it with Salesloft is a relatively straightforward process. To get started, users need to access the Salesloft platform and navigate to the “Integrations” section.

From there, it is a matter of selecting FlashInfo and following the prompts to set up the integration. Upon successful integration, users can begin utilizing FlashInfo’s powerful data enrichment features seamlessly within the Salesloft platform.

To optimize the use of FlashInfo, it is recommended to regularly update and cleanse existing data, ensuring the utmost accuracy and effectiveness in sales initiatives.

Integrate Salesloft with FlashInfo

Step 1: Login to FlashInfo

FlashInfo login page

Step 2: Click on Settings 

Page that shows Settings tab's location

Step 3: Click on CRM Integrations

Page that shows CRM Integration tab under System Setting

Step 4: Click on Connect in Salesloft section. Here you will get Salesloft Login Pop Up window, enter your Salesloft Login Credentials to log in. 

Salesloft Login Page

Step 5: After successful login, you will be re-direct to FlashInfo and you will see a Connected status for Salesloft. 

Page that shows Connected status

In case, you are getting any problem in this process, please check FlashInfo Knowledge Base or Send Email To Us.

Once the integration is complete, FlashInfo will automatically enrich your Salesloft records in real-time, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and accurate.

Benefits of Using FlashInfo Salesloft Integration

The integration between FlashInfo and Salesloft allows you to:

  • Automatically enrich Salesloft records in real-time, ensuring your data is always up-to-date and accurate.
  • Connect with the Salesloft CRM from any device or application, providing easy access to customer information.
  • Analyze data using advanced reporting tools like pivot tables, charts and graphs.
  • Streamline customer data management, ensuring you always have the most up-to-date information. Increase productivity by automating your sales team’s daily tasks using our powerful workflow tools.


The power of data enrichment using FlashInfo within the Salesloft platform cannot be understated. By leveraging FlashInfo’s features, sales teams can enhance their prospect identification, personalize their outreach, and optimize their sales strategies.

The benefits of accurate and enriched customer data extend beyond higher conversion rates and increased sales. Sales professionals gain a deeper understanding of their prospects, enabling them to build meaningful relationships and provide tailored solutions.

As sales organizations strive for competitive advantage, implementing FlashInfo becomes a compelling choice for driving sales success.

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