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Turing AI & FlashIntel: A Success Story of Improved ABM Strategy and 230% Increase in Email Open Rates


In the realm of cybersecurity, Turing AI is known as a pioneer. They’ve achieved their standing by leveraging cutting-edge AI technology to automate and tackle everyday security issues. FlashIntel, another trailblazer in the tech world, partnered with Turing AI to bolster their Account-Based Marketing (ABM) tactics and elevate their email deliverability to new heights. This fruitful alliance resulted in a more laser-focused approach to reaching Turing’s potential collaborators, translating to markedly improved email communication efficiency.

“Our alliance with FlashIntel has been a game-changer in refining our ABM strategy and enhancing our email deliverability. The FlashInfo platform has equipped us with the tools needed to connect with our potential partners more effectively and efficiently.”

Turing AI’s Experience: Yi Jin, Ph.D., the VP of Marketing and Demand Generation at Turing AI

The Protagonist – Turing AI:
Turing AI is an extraordinary company that thrives on making the world safer by utilizing the might of AI. They offer an expansive platform that uses award-winning AI algorithms, working in tandem with top-tier cameras and robots to convert video feeds into alerts and insights, around the clock. Their primary audience consists of businesses from various sectors seeking advanced, AI-based security solutions.


The Challenge – The Struggle to Connect:
Despite their advanced technological prowess, Turing AI encountered roadblocks when it came to accurately targeting potential partners and ensuring their emails actually reached their destination. The company recognized a pressing need to fine-tune their ABM strategy to communicate with the right prospects at the ideal moment.

The Turning Point – Enter FlashIntel:
To address these hurdles, Turing AI sought to ramp up their ABM strategy and enhance their email deliverability. Their main objective was to create a marketing strategy that was not just focused, but efficient, leading to high engagement rates.

The Transformation – FlashIntel to the Rescue:
FlashIntel’s FlashInfo became Turing AI’s trusted companion in refining their ABM strategy and improving email deliverability. Turing AI harnessed the platform’s features to identify suitable prospects faster and engage with them more effectively. The Discover Tab and Engage Tab on the platform helped Turing AI to streamline their operations and bolster their productivity.

The Outcome – The Power of Partnership:
Turing AI witnessed a significant enhancement in their ABM strategy and email deliverability by leveraging FlashInfo. They managed to:

  • Skyrocket their email open rates by a whopping 230%, jumping from 20% to 66%.
  • Improve their email deliverability rate by 8%, rising from 92% to an impressive 99.7%.
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